Cookware Wedding Ceremony Traditions

From the intricate traditions of India towards the understated convenience of Japanese people weddings, Asian wedding ceremony traditions are steeped in symbolism and meaning. We’ve taken a deep get into some of the most significant events from Asia, to learn about what it really is that makes these kinds of weddings consequently unique.


Vidaai is one of the most significant and sentimental events during a Hindu wedding. It can be when the star of the event bids farewell to her family group, and is officially introduced as being a wife with her new husband’s household. It’s not rare for cry to be shed during this emotional moment! The bride as well throws handfuls of grain and coins over her head and into her ancestral house as a signal of having to pay her costs to her father and mother for their education and parental input. She is going to then become escorted into her new home by her father and sister.

The Tea Ceremony

A Chinese wedding ceremony would not become complete without the traditional tea commemoration where the couple serves their very own parents and elders with tea. The tea set is often in purple with the phoenix, arizona and monster symbol, which represents double pleasure. The newlyweds will then bend and acquire gifts involving from their father and mother. They will also receive gifts of red envelopes, or hong bao, from their friends. The number 8 is considered to be a lucky number, so the newlyweds will often receive many hong baos filled with funds!

After the tea feast day the couple will have the banquet. This really is a luxurious feast and usually includes symbolic food such as a seafood course intended for abundance, yearling, weanling pig meant for purity, and that lotus seed sweets for male fertility. The bride and groom will wear their very own red qipao during the dinner and can toast with their guests throughout the sweet potato seng.

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