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Shiksharthi, a leading home tutoring startup, offers personalized education to K-12 students across multiple cities in India, aiming to enhance academic success and holistic development.

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The Chalange

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Shiksharthi faced significant challenges in continuing its operations due to lockdowns and social distancing measures. The traditional in-home tutoring model became unfeasible, leading to a disruption in educational continuity for thousands of students.

Shiksharthi needed to rapidly transition to a digital platform to ensure uninterrupted learning, maintain student engagement, and support its widespread network of tutors. Additionally, the company required a scalable and user-friendly solution to manage scheduling, tutor-student interactions, and performance tracking in a remote setting.

The challenge was to implement this digital transformation seamlessly and efficiently, without compromising the quality of education and personalized attention that Shiksharthi is known for.

What did
Quinite do

Quinite stepped in to assist Shiksharthi with a comprehensive digital transformation strategy. First, Quinite conducted a thorough analysis of Shiksharthi’s operational needs and existing challenges. Based on this assessment, Quinite developed a customized e-learning platform tailored to Shiksharthi’s requirements. This platform featured interactive virtual classrooms, real-time performance analytics, and a robust scheduling system to facilitate seamless tutor-student interactions.

To ensure a smooth transition, Quinite provided extensive training for Shiksharthi’s tutors on using the new digital tools effectively. Quinite also integrated advanced features such as AI-driven personalized learning paths and automated administrative processes, significantly reducing manual workload and increasing efficiency. The implementation of secure video conferencing and resource-sharing capabilities enabled tutors to deliver high-quality education remotely, preserving the personalized touch that Shiksharthi’s students were accustomed to.

Furthermore, Quinite’s solution included a feedback mechanism to continuously monitor and improve the system based on user experiences. This holistic approach not only mitigated the immediate impact of the pandemic on Shiksharthi’s operations but also positioned the company for long-term digital success.

The Results

The technology that we use to support Shiksharthi

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Discover how Shiksharthi, a leading home tutoring startup, transformed its educational services with Quinite’s cutting-edge digital solutions. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Shiksharthi faced significant challenges in continuing its personalized K-12 tutoring across multiple cities. Quinite’s tailored e-learning platform enabled seamless virtual classes, real-time performance tracking, and AI-driven personalized learning paths.

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