Ranjeet Singh

Ranjeet Singh, our CHRO, plays a pivotal role in shaping Quinite Technologies’ culture and success. With a strong educational background in Computer Science from Saffrony Institute Of Technology and expertise in HR, he bridges the gap between technical innovation and human capital management.

As a founding member, Ranjeet has nurtured our core values and created a workplace fostering collaboration, innovation, and employee growth. His multifaceted role includes strategic planning, talent acquisition, employee engagement, and performance management.

Ranjeet ensures Quinite remains a great place to work, providing a supportive and inclusive environment where employees thrive and contribute their best. Under his leadership, our diverse workforce excels with a focus on employee well-being and continuous learning.

His deep understanding of technology and HR aligns organizational objectives with employee aspirations. By fostering continuous improvement and professional development, Ranjeet equips our team to excel and contribute to clients’ success.

We’re proud to have Ranjeet Singh as our CHRO, a visionary leader combining technical expertise with a keen understanding of human capital. Join us on this journey of innovation, where Quinite Technologies delivers transformative solutions and shapes the future of technology.

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